The Denny Society

The Denny Society membership is reserved exclusively for those alumni and friends who have taken the bold step of including The University of Alabama in their estate plans. Named for Dr. George Hutcheson Denny, the University's 14th president, the Denny Society recognizes the importance of long-range gifts in ensuring the future of this institution. Such gifts allow us to plan our future - a future like that envisioned and begun by President Denny.

"I can testify that the greatest satisfaction and the greatest reward of these years have come not from the investiture and the trappings of high office ... but from the daily association with the vital picturesque youth - all the way from their scholarly enthusiasms in the classroom to their victorious shoutings on the field of sports" - Dr. G. H. Denny, 1936

The Denny Society extends membership to donors who make bequests or long-range gifts of any size. Whether made through will commitments, life income gifts, trusts, life insurance, retirement plans, or other arrangements, long-range gifts are essential to the continued growth of the University. If you are currently a member of the Denny Society, we thank you again for your generosity. If you have included the University in your estate plan and wish to be recognized as a member of the Denny Society, please use the Contact Planned Giving form or e-mail so that we may assist you.

"Mike," as Denny was known to students, was an extraordinarily popular president. In 1928, rumors that Denny was about to resign prompted students to raise funds to build Denny Chimes in honor of their beloved president. The tower was dedicated in May of the following year.