A Legacy of Fighting for Air

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When you look back at the last century, our world has undergone significant changes: the development of new technologies, countless medical breakthroughs and life-saving scientific discoveries. Thanks to the work of many in the science and health fields, the public health picture looks very different today than it did more than 100 years ago.

Founded in 1904, the American Lung Association has been a leader in the fight for healthy lungs and healthy air. What began as a crusade to control tuberculosis in the United States has developed into a mission to save lives, by improving lung health and preventing lung disease. It’s an ongoing fight that has produced a history of positive results.

A vital component of our success is financial support from donors like you. By making the American Lung Association part of your legacy plans, you are giving a gift that will impact future generations. These gifts can take many forms, which you will learn about in the following pages.

Many of these options will not only support the life-saving efforts of the American Lung Association, but also provide benefits to you and your loved ones in the form of tax savings, income in your retirement years and a number of other financial benefits. We hope that through careful financial planning, you will find an option that will work best for you. If we can be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.